Brain-based: Feldenkrais®

Myofascial Release,
Craniosacral Unwinding &
Visceral Manipulation

Meridian Therapy & Acupuncture

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Welcome to a new way of thinking about wellness and health!

My holistic hands-on and movement re-education bodywork is a powerful and innovative approach to improving your life that uses gentle therapeutic touch and mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life. I'm committed to support, safeguard and facilitate your natural organismic processes in order to help you re-discover your innate abilities to co-direct them towards your well-being.

I can support you to:

  • recover from injury
  • ease pain and chronic discomfort
  • reduce stress and fatigue
  • improve posture, balance, strenght and flexibility
  • prevent injury
  • increase energy and vitality
  • improve concentration and performance
  • get better sleep and regulation
  • cultivate body-awareness as a portal for personal healing and growth
  • empower your leadership and contribution
  • enliven your connection to others and the ecology

To schedule a wellness session Email Lucien.

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